NEW String Thru Pinless Bigsby B5, Vib V5TEV, saddles Fits Vintage Fender Telecaster Ash Tray Bridge

$297.50 $475
This 3 piece ultimate Pro B5 package contains a New, EZ TO STRING, Bigsby Pinless B5 that includes a stage 2 Vibramate V5TEV mount and dual access upgraded brass saddles. Priced @ 35% off so no offers accepted. Killer deal @ Retail is $475.00!

Now you can install an EZ TO STRING UP Bigsby B5 Vibrato on your vintage Telecaster® guitar without drilling any holes or mods! The Vibramate V5-TEV Stage II Model Mounting Kit is designed for a Bigsby B5 Original Vibrato and will fit most standard Telecaster® guitars that have a vintage style "Ash-Tray" bridge and 4-screw mount. The dual access saddles are included for ease of use and maximum tone!

The Vibramate V5-TEV Stage II kit includes mounting hardware for the Bigsby B5 Vibrato and utilizes your existing Telecaster® pickup and bridge saddles. There is no need for drilling, soldering or removing the neck. The Vibramate V5-TEV Stage II automatically positions the Bigsby Vibrato, neck pickup, and bridge saddles in the proper orientation ensuring a clean, finished appearance with great performance.

Designed for the traditional Telecaster® player, the Vibramate V5-TEV mounting kit has the same basic look and feel as the original vintage style "ash-tray" bridge while providing for a clean and easy Bigsby Vibrato installation.

The kit installs in minutes and eliminates the need for drilling holes in your favorite instrument.

Bigsby B5 Specifications

Model Name: B-5
Series: Original Kalamazoo Line
Manufacturing Method: Sand Cast
Manufacturing Material: Aluminum
Approximate Weight: 287 Grams
Overall Length: 4.75"/120.65mm
Overall Width: 3.7"/93.98mm
*Designed for use on a vintage style telecaster

UPC/EAN: 609722127615

Comes complete with spring and screws for installation
Guitars shown are not included, or for sale!
Parts only are for sale in this listing.

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