For a Bigsby B3 B5 B6 B7 B12 / Vibramate EZ Restringer - String Spoiler - No More Nipples! Aluminum


The Vibramate String Spoiler is an ingenious little bracket designed to fit right onto your existing Bigsby Vibrato string holder nipples without any modifications or special tools. It easily slips right into place and is held in position by the tension of the strings when tuned to pitch.

The Spoiler makes string changes so easy you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. No more need for wrapping the strings around and under the vibrato roller with needle-nose pliers in an attempt to get the ball onto that little nipple/pin. Now your strings will drop right into place in seconds with the Vibramate String Spoiler! Saves hours worth of time re-stringing! Brilliant!

The Vibramate String Spoiler is designed to maintain the same smooth operation and feel of the classic Bigsby vibrato and may even increase the potential range of pitch bending. The fulcrum position eliminates unwanted radial strain to the ball end string wrap.

I'm an expert on guitars and tremolo bar/bridges/parts and this
my fun, part time job. You should receive all your ordered items
in 3 to 10 business days or quicker (I am a sales rep and can be
on tour for 5 days). If you want a custom order for a special part, tremolo, pickup(s) or used/rare guitar(s), we will find what you
need, just ask for a quote and I'll be glad to comply.

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