Allparts Long Vibrola Maestro Tremolo Tailpiece Nickel 4 Gibson SG, ES335, firebird

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For replacing a pre existing Vibrola on Gibson, Vintage Epiphone and Kalamazo where old holes existed or broken off parts need total replacement. Retail is $279

Long Gibson® style Vibrato with arm and cover, nickel. Screw-plate pivots to adjust for body length, or folds back entirely. Will fit most Gibson® SG's® (and other Gibson applications) depending on your guitar and how you install it. See included image for measurements.

Long Gibson® Style Vibrato Tailpiece With Arm. These tremolo's will fit existing holes where Vibrola parts were on your guitar. They are available in both Nickel & Gold finishes. These are reproductions of OEM equipment on Gibson® guitars. The nickel and gold versions of this tailpiece were used on the ES series guitars such as the 335, 345, 355 as well as the SG standard, SG Custom and Firebird model guitars. This is a blank tailpiece. No engraved Lyre is on face, (see my other items for Engraved versions) otherwise pretty exact to Gibson Maestro look and feel.

A lyre vibrola is a type of tremolo arm, also known as whammy bar, used on a guitar to add vibrato to the sound. It was designed and marketed by Gibson beginning in 1964 to specifically fit a Gibson SG, Fierbird and ES-335-S. Two versions, a long and a short version, are available. 

Long Vibrola Install instructional with tips on youtube, Search on: Maestro Vibrola for SG. New Ground Wire, Nut, Roller Bridge

Installation is not difficult and requires only a few simple tools to complete.
Things you need
• Drill
• Ruler or measuring tape
• Pencil
• Screwdriver

Turn the tuning pegs to loosen the strings and remove them from the guitar.
Remove the original stop tail piece, the part the strings were attached to, from the guitar using a small screwdriver.
Measure the width between the screw holes on the vibrola with a ruler or measuring tape, and mark the two corresponding spots on the guitar with a pencil in the spot where the old stop tail piece had been. Use the drill to create two holes. Use a bit that drills holes the same size as the screws included with the vibrola.
Attach the Maestro vibrola to the guitar with a screwdriver using the provided screws, and tighten. Attach the cover plate to the base, securing with the small provided screws, and attach the arm.
Restring the guitar.

I'm an expert on guitars and tremolo bar/bridges/parts and this my fun, part time job. You should receive all your ordered items in 3 to
10 business days or quicker (I am a sales rep and can be on tour for
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