Complete, Pre modded - Bigsby B7 Lefty, Vibramate V7 Bolt On Adapter For Gibson/Epi Les Paul

Pre-modded here before shipping - Bigsby B7 Left Handed & the Vibramate standard V7 are in this listing.  Designed for Left Handed Gibson, other USA guitars with Gibson type specs, Epiphone and Import Les Paul solid body

There is no Vibramate V7 lefty adapter for the Left handed Bigsby B7 however there is a known light modification most techs know that Gretsch will custom drill to use the V7 righty (at about $400.00 with V7 - @ Twice the regular price) with a lefty Bigsby B7.

Here's the tech secret: Line up the B7 left and the V7 right and when you look thru where both holes lineup, use a metal drill bit and make the one uneven hole exact on the Bigsby B7 as on the V7. That's it, just a minor EZ mod. However, I'm not responsible for any bad tool working or slippage of hand. They should be lined up in a vice to gently drill out the B7, do not drill on the guitar during the modification process.

Bigsby B7 Aluminum Left Handed Specifications

Model Name: B-7L
Series: Original Kalamazoo Line
Manufacturing Method: Sand Cast
Manufacturing Material: Aluminum
Approximate weight: 354 grams/12.5 oz.
Overall Length: 8 ¾" /222.3 mm
Overall Width: 3 ⅝" /92.1 mm
Arm adjusts with ⅛" Allen wrench and 5/16" socket wrench

Comes complete with spring and screws for installation
Designed for use on arch top electric guitars
Guitars shown are not included, or for sale!
Parts only are for sale in this listing.

 The USA Made Vibramate V7 adapter
Using the Vibramate V7 enables you to easily and without holes or modifications (except a minor one to the B7 for lefty B7's) bolt the Bigsby B7 to your Gibson or Epiphone stop tail, archtop guitar. Fit's most Gibson and Epiphone Les Paul Archtop guitars.

I'm an expert on guitars and tremolo bar/bridges/parts and this my fun, part time job. You should receive all your ordered items in 3 to
10 business days or quicker (I am a sales rep and can be on tour for
5 days). If you want a custom order for a special part, tremolo, pickup(s) or used/rare guitar(s), we will find what you need, just ask for a quote and I'll be glad to comply.

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